Immunisation Calculator

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Immunisation Calculator

The Immunisation Calculator is based on the Australian National Immunisation Program (NIP) for all Australian children prior to their 10th birthday. If vaccine doses are delayed or missed, the Calculator can provide a catch-up schedule.

Schedule variations for all states and territories have been incorporated.

Calculator recommendations are provided by antigens due. Users can access additional information to assist with interpretation of the recommendations in the ‘Help and Support’ pages.


* How to use the Calculator for children with Medical at Risk (MAR) conditions.

Changes have been made to the Calculator MAR function.  Go to the 'Help and Support' tab for further information.

*From 1 July 2017, a 2 dose Rotarix® schedule replaced the 3 dose RotaTeq® schedule in Western Australia, Victoria, Queensland and South Australia.

Please contact your state health department if additional clarification is required.